El Castillo Menu Feb 16 & 17

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  • German Sausage Platter sour cream and curried mustard mayo dip homemade pretzel, 1 Tucher hefeweizen beer
  • Shrimp in sizzling garlic oil with homemade dipping bread
  • Zucchini Fan stuffing of feta cheese, topped with tomatoes & fresh garden herbs


  • Fresh Lobster Tail ¾ tail, tomato risotto, veggies, mixed salad
  • Tropical Salad and Crispy Tuna large colorful salad, pineapple, melon, balsamic vinaigrette
  • Pork Roast mashed potatoes glazed carrots, mixed salad
  • Beef Filet Steak homemade herbal butter, fried breadfruit, veggies, mixed salad
  • Garlic Shrimp tomato-risotto, veggies, mixed salad
  • Cream Cheese-Couscous Nockerl served over a large mixed salad


  • Ice Palatschinken with Strawberries


  • Refreshing Bellini glass sect with fresh fruit marrow

Pork is farm-to-table, from Pride Bodden

El Castillo Panorama
El Castillo Panorama

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